About the WMM 2018 Resources

The resources here have been designed with teachers and students in mind of varying expertise, gifts, talents, interests and ideas. Please use, edit, extend, expand and contract as best suits your class and context. They are based on the See-Judge-Act model and invite each person to learn, reflect, engage and respond in ways and styles that are most appropriate for you. This is especially the case with regards to your KLA and the unit of work being studied at the time you’re using the resources.

You could…

  • Use the printable student worksheets.
  • Create slide shows or interactive board files.
  • Create videos or presentations using the material provided.
  • Use the texts to create assessment tasks.
  • Use the resource to enhance a current unit of work.
  • Use the resource to plan a mini-unit on mission.
  • Use the resource to integrate your celebration of World Mission Day into your literacy block.
  • Use the resource to plan a stand-alone lesson for World Mission Day.