Lesson outcome

  • Introduce students to Catholic Mission’s 2018 World Mission Month focus.
  • Explore the implications of the greatest commandment to love one another.
  • Explain the important role of education in helping heal a nation.
  • Compare schooling in Australia with schooling in Myanmar

Lesson structure

Introduction (Set)

Time: 5 mins

  • Introduce students to the organisation, “Catholic Mission.”
  • Share information with students about Myanmar location, population, lifestyle etc.
  • Show students photos of children in St John’s School, Hakha.
  • Invite students to discuss what they notice and compare to their experience of school.


  • Explore St Joseph’s Centre for Children and Adults with HIV/AIDS by clicking here

Main Content

Time: 10 mins

Ask students to discuss their favourite way of learning.

  • What do they like about learning this way?
  • How does it help them learn?
  • Watch the 360 VR “Myanmar – St John’s School” with students.

Time: 10 mins

Students complete worksheet about Myanmar.


5 mins

Ask students:

  • What they have learned about school in Myanmar?
  • How could we show love to the children in Myanmar?
  • Why is it important for Catholic Mission to tell us about life in Myanmar?


For Prayers of Intercession click here


To download the worksheet click here