Primary K-2

Lesson outcome

  • Introduce students to Catholic Mission’s 2018 World Mission Month focus.
  • Explore the implications of the greatest commandment to love one another.
  • Compare schooling in Australia with schooling in Myanmar.
  • Students identify the joy of education in Australia and ways they like to learn.

Lesson structure

Introduction (Set)

Time: 5 mins

Introduce students to the organisation, “Catholic Mission.”

Share information with students about Myanmar location, population, lifestyle etc

Show students photos of children in St John’s School, Hakha.

Invite students to discuss what they notice and compare to their experience of school.

  • What can you see in these photos taken at St John’s School?
  • What do you notice about how the students are learning?
  • What is similar/different to your school playground?

Main Content

Time: 10 mins

Ask students to discuss their favourite way of learning.

  • What do they like about learning this way?
  • How does it help them learn?

Time: 10 mins

Invite students to look at the picture of the young girl learning at school at St John’s.

Students record in writing or drawing on the back of the jigsaw, their favourite way of learning and all the things they love about school. They can include the reasons why they love school.


5 mins

Ask students:

  • What they have learned about school in Myanmar?
  • How could we show love to the children in Myanmar?
  • How does Catholic Mission help us to show love to children and families around the world?


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Children at St John's School

Children at St John's School

St John's School